The college has keen interest in changing the socio-economic and educational status of the students by encouraging them to study. With this view our institution always strives to enhance their educational quality in this direction to implement this distinctiveness. It has been clearly stated in our vision and mission.

Most of the students admitted to our college are from rural areas and the girl student outnumber the boys. They have a very weak social, economic and educational backgrounds and are first generation learners. Our college staff identifies such students by conducting induction analysis during their entry point. The teacher also identifies their knowledge, talent and encourages them to participate in all the activities by involving such students. This kind of work done by the teachers has made them to overcome the inferiority complex and they have excelled in academic as well as in co-curricular activities.

The main aim to provide the opportunity to these students to prepare for the higher education and thereby it helps them to develop socially, economically and educationally to progress their family.

Thus such students have dedicated themselves to study well and awarded with ranks by the university at the end of their course and they have brought name and fame not only to the university but also to the institution. The ranks obtained by the students of our college hail from rural areas.

The participation of these students not only in academic activities but also they have recognised themselves in participating in NSS, NCC, Rover and Rangers and sports.

When the camps are organised by NCC and NSS units they will be always in the front line to do the activities. They also show their talent when sports and cultural activities are conducted in the campus as well as the outside the campus. In this regard the college always considered the progress of these students. They diversely express their talents in all the fields and they are our strength.





In 1974 men with a visionary zeal of Rottigawad and its surrounding villages come together with common ideas and goals towards rural development under the dynamic leadership of Late Sri. G.S.Patil. They were inspired in the belief that education was the only means to chart a progressive future. In fact the background to this inspiration lay in the non availability of education facilities in and around the villages of Rottigawad (Tq. Kundgol Dist Dharwad)and lack of higher education facilities in smaller township of Kundgol. This Group education committee was established in 1974 at Rottigawad under the chairmanship of Sri. G.S.Patil. Immediately they set themselves to the task of realizing the dream as a concrete high school. Soon Shri. G. K. Hiregouder High school came in to existence on the precious land donated by Sri. V.G. Hiregoudar in memory of his father. Thereafter in 1982 the high school was converted into Composite Junior College.






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